Thinh Bui, Vuong Anh left the job as tour guide and opened their first Phin Coffee shop opened in a tiny house in Hoi An ancient town.


Thinh Bui first Coffee roaster and started distributing the excellent coffee beans to other coffee shop. Phin Coffee moved to bigger garden which is now-a-day location


The second Phin Coffee store opened in the end of the year with name as Phin Coffee Workshop. Focusing on coffee experiences, coffee class.

“When I was working as tour guide, I run many tours through coffee plantations but most visitors not knowing that Vietnam is the second biggest coffee producer in the world. I always dreamed to open a coffee shop specializing Vietnamese coffee. Third wave coffee trend is really suitable concept to our dream. Phin Coffee Hoi An was born with the mission of promoting high quality Vietnam Coffee Beans to coffee drinkers. Beside introducing the Vietnamese traditional brewing method – Phin filter, we also introduce world wide coffee methods and different roasting profiles.

Thinh Bui – the founder of Phin Coffee Hoi An

http://www.phincoffeehoian.com/#Specialty coffee shops in hoi An

Vietnamese Coffee Culture

Daily coffee

Hoi An is Awesome but……first, coffee!

Coconut coffee


What we make

Specialty coffee shops in hoi An
Phin Coffee Hoi An

Phin filter coffee
Phin Coffee Hoi An


What they say

Very nice spot for coffee


What I loved about this place is the location. Away from the Main Street, away from the noise and tourists. Just the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee. Very nice place.

As someone said, possibly best coconut coffee in Vietnam.

I actually don’t drink much coffee back home, but since arriving in Vietnam I have been hooked on coconut coffee and this was by far the best one I have had so far.


This is a great little coffee shop tucked away in an alleyway in Hoi An. My husband and i were in Hoi An recently for 7 days and came here for our caffeine fix every day. My fav was the coffee moka. After returning to Australia i was missing my daily iced coffee so messaged the cafe and asked them for the recipe which they sent me within days. I was so grateful now I can make my own at home 🙂

Beautiful Location with Good coffee.

This place is a hidden gem, tucked away from the crowds that Hoi An can sometimes bring. Phil's Coffee is some of the best in Vietnam and is a must try. Also the food here is incredible, I'd highly recommend the Avacado on Toast

Great coffee shop in a secluded location

Fantastic coffee in the heart of Hoi An. I liked the fact that it is a bit hidden from the noise of the main road. The staff were kind enough to show us how they prepare Vietnamese coffee, without us even asking. Would definitely recommend Phin Coffee as they are doing it right!

Far From The Madding Crowd

Barry W
If you want to get away from all of the hustle and bustle in Hoi An Old Quarter then Phin Coffee is the place for you. Down an alley off Le Loi Street, this is a haven of peace and quiet. The coffee, staff, service and ambience are all great. Give it a try.

Date of visit: February 2020

Incredible breakfast

A hidden café with really great coffee, breakfast and atmosphere! We've been eating here twice in 5 days and it is so good. The avocado toasts are a favourite. The granola is also great and you get to see how the vietnamese coffee is brewed!
I recommend this!
Date of visit: February 2020

Best coffee in Hoi An, in a lovely location

Phin Coffee is an oasis of calm in busy Hoi An, with great coffee and terrific people. Try the coconut coffee!

Date of visit: February 2020

I think this might be the best coffee I've ever had in my life

Otis Funkmeyer
I think this might be the best coffee I've ever had in my life. After traveling around the world going to coffee shops I am blown away

Seriously good coffee

Jonas Trautner
Seriously good coffee. Actually not that pricey which seems normal for the centre of Hoi An. They also sell some coffee beans, coloured phins and even have a coffee class.

Hidden gem of Hoi An

Well worth diving off the beaten track. Hoi An roastery dominates but you've got an independent here. Their house blend is 70% arabica to 30% robusta so only slightly more bitter than western arabica pallets. Also has a lovely demonstration of the vietnemese poor over drip methods too

Peanut butter coffee

Expect to find all the Vietnamese coffee options here. We tried the peanut butter iced coffee, its a bit like a delicious breakfast smoothie.
Anyone looking at 'egg coffee' on the menu and wondering what to expect, think of the batter for a meringue (or a Pav for the Aussies) fluffy sweet whipped egg whites sitting on top of an espresso - magic. If anyone knows anywhere in Melbourne that does them, message me!

Relaxed Cafe

Wonderful cafe to stop in for a snack and a coffee. The environment is very relaxing. The staff were attentive and brought us inside for a demonstration.

A hidden café with really great coffee, breakfast and atmosphere

Axel Odell
A hidden café with really great coffee, breakfast and atmosphere! We've been eating here twice in 5 days and it is so good. The avocado toasts are a favourite. The granola is also great and you get to see how the vietnamese coffee is brewed!
I recommend this!

Amazing coffee

Alan S
Just off the main road, this cafe is a great place to enjoy a wonderful coffee. Staff take great pride in the coffee they serve and encourage you to watch how they make it. A must visit for anyone who enjoys a decent cup.

Best oasis in busy Hoi An

Come here for the delicious coffee and the quiet. Hidden down a small alley, Phin is an oasis away from the bustle and tourists in Hoi An. I came here to work for several days in a row and enjoy various things on their menu, including breakfast, egg coffee, refreshing iced coffee with lime and their carrot cake and each was irresistible.

Hidden place, good coffee

We visited Phin coffee several times during our stay in Hoi An, loved the egg coffee. Calm and nice place when you want to flee from the masses.

Hidden gem - coffee oasis

What a great place to have a cup of an amazing coffee. Challenging is probably a big word to use, but it requires a bit of an effort finding this hidden place & for that same reason it's so worth the visit!
I came in a little before the closing time yet the staff welcomed me warmly & I could take all the necessary time to enjoy my s-ma-zing coconut coffee!
Highly recommend: the vibe is great, so is the coffee!

This place really lives up to the 5-star reviews!

This place really lives up to the 5-star reviews! The coffee was excellent, and the baked goods, which aren’t mentioned as much as the coffee, were equally delicious. I particularly enjoyed the Apple pie as it was filled with rich Apple jam and had a thick, buttery crust. The servers were also patient and accommodating, allowing us to “tailor” our drinks to our preferences. Would definitely drop by again!

Amazing coffee and breakfast

Ciara H
Had an amazing breakfast and coffee. The avocado toast was delicious and the serving very generous. The staff were very friendly. The atmosphere was lovely and calm. 5 stars!!

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